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I use this product as a pain reliever and am amazed at how quickly it works. I have chronic pain and cannot take ibuprofen very often because of the tolls it takes on your body. This is a wonderful alternative without side effects! I have taken the 250mg and I love the extra strength (500mg) formula. My husband and I both take it every night before we go to sleep, and it completely changed the way we woke up in the morning- no more back pain.”

Jane Bewick- 36

I’m actually shocked at how well it works. I have had hip, elbow and shoulder pain for months. I’ve been taking arthritis strength OTC pain meds but after a few hours they stop working and I toss and turn the rest of the night – barely sleeping at all. I started using this hemp oil over a week ago. I figured if it didn’t work as advertised, it was a lesson learned. The first few nights I saw no improvement and started to get skeptical, then suddenly one night I slept like a baby – then the second night I slept soundly, then the third, and again last night!! Coincidence? I think not. Try it. The minty taste was also a big plus, I found myself using it as a breath refresh throughout the day.”

Dom Cockrell- 28

I was told that I needed both knees replaced 5 years ago. I don’t want surgery. Tried stem cell implants 2 years ago and got some relief for about 9 months. Tried injections, my doctor prescribed heavy duty pain meds, didn’t like them. Within 2 days of taking this stuff my pain subsided dramatically. My knees now bend comfortably when I walk and I can stand for prolonged periods. I shared this experience with many friends within the last 10 days and I’m excited to see if they are getting the same results.

Robert Gainey- 49