Moms know better than anyone else stress and lack of sleep are the fast track to feeling, unwell.
Then add 5 hours of sleep, and add a pinch of lower back pain, and you’ve got a full plate.
Yet somehow, you’re working round the clock… it’s pretty amazing you can still cross things off your to-do list.
A lot of moms taking over the counter sleep and pain medication are looking for safer alternatives.  Over the counter medications are tough on your liver if taken every day.  You also run the chance of your body becoming dependent on them.
Mom’s everywhere are turning to CBD to help them kick their stress and sleep problems for good.

An excerpt from Market Watch, tells us more:

“Take stay-at-home mom of two Jo Highland, who says that CBD helps her manage parenting stress and more calmly juggle responsibilities. “I have a husband who has a high-demand job with long hours and travel, so I am the one taking the kids to and from school, to gymnastics, to swimming,” the 38-year-old Ohio resident tells MarketWatch. “On a day I know it’s going to be high stress, I say, ‘Let me grab a [CBD-infused] seltzer.’ ”

Highland says she opts for CBD rather than anti-anxiety medicine because it “doesn’t impair my ability to take care of my kids” but still “makes me feel really calm and takes my anxiety from a 10 to a 4.”

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